My new procrastination

I have something new to waste lots of time on!

“Veg-table” are a client of mine, and yesterday when he came over for a meeting, he came bearing gifts! Now I have to work out what on earth I could plant at this time of year to grow in it!

use it as an Outdoor Hot Tub. Sit in it and soak away all the achesnpains, from a hard day`s procrastinating.
JMTPW :slight_smile:

I think I can see what vic’s getting at.

There are a number of winter potatoes and squashes that we plant this time of year. but those are deep.

You can try a fast growing bush bean or low vine pea. Those are growing great in the colder weather we are having.

So help me! I was wondering whod do it, and if theyd get us all in!

Brill! Feckin brill! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

tee hee hee, that’s cute! Why is Jaysen sitting on me?

:unamused: Cmon...yre a big girl now! Why do y think hes sat on y`?

It isn’t like I can really see what I am doing. Besides, It could be worse, at least I am not vic-k.

It’s an issue of perspective. I think you’ll find Jaysen’s sitting behind you. He just stood up for the photo.

And for that we are eternally grateful! Imagine the horror of discovering that actually, ALL of the other people in this forum were split off parts of vic’s personality, and that this was really his own universe to enable him to talk to himself freely.

How do you know theyre not? Best Lucifer :smiling_imp: PS Im standing in for Le D. He`s got an appointment this morning, with his kinky electroconvulsive therapist.

the frightening part of that though pink, is that we would need to explain the AmberV persona.

Well, what DOES the V stand for?

Jaysen: I’m vic-k!
Skallegrim: No, I’m vic-k!
vic-k: I’m a nice fluffy white pussy cat.

Please don’t get me thinking about this. I have enough to worry about already. I don’t want to consider the idea that vic-k may be the source of all life on the forums. even YOU might be vic-k.

Ohh. Here’s a thought. Maybe vic-k is actually a conglomerate persona and he really does NOT exist as an individual! KB, Amber, DJM (who I am still not convinced is anything more than a figment of KB imagination), and the rest of “them” all take turns being vic-k. Now the various “flavors” of vic-k make sense, yes?

so… do we really know that Amber isn’t KB’s feminine side, and then vic-k is some kind of ghastly child personality that just got out of hand?

Could be. Or maybe KB is a personification of Amber (like George Eliot?). Then DMJ would be an imaginary representation of a personification (itself a derivative of the mind which I believe is deemed similar to imaginary). That might get us close to a philosophical point of sentience for the KB persona. Considering that level of technical smack down that AmberV regularly delivers, it would not surprise me if KB, and hence DMJ, are some advanced AI prototype she has developed. Which would make Scriv the first software conceived of and developed by other software (yes, software develops software these days, but the conception part would be new).

While I am perfectly willing to believe that AmberV can (and probably has) accomplished all the above, I have a tendency to believe her AI would be a bit less … shall we say infatuated … with bread. Which leads me to the conclusion that vic-k is just a crazy, mostly harmless, getting old guy.

You are all under my control, humans.
Your minds belong to the Dark Side.
I will return!
None shall be spared!



Don’t sit there crooning like a bilious pigeon.

Eliza Dunnalot. Vic-k’s able assistant - a sort of Stockport Debbie McGee. :wink:

JUD BERT. Human! Do I know you?

[size=50]Debbie McGee!! yerrkk![/size]