My new procrastination

exactly HOW many personalities here live in vic-k’s facial hair?

You called him a ‘honey’… SWARM would be more accurate.

a beard of bees… that is so sexy.



Oh, stop, stop. You must stop this madness! Can’t you see what is happening here?! Didn’t you ever see The Blob? The farther this thread goes, the more you all do begin to sound like vic-k. His appetite for more personalities in insatiable! Quick, before it is too late for you, for us all!

Le D :smiling_imp:

Is it that we are vic-k or that vic-k is us? Are you even sure that any of us are real? might we all be one homogeneous blob?

In my far-distant, tender years, I came to the conclusion that perhaps the universe was actually an enormous giant and that we were all just cells in the giant’s body. I was convinced that I must be a cell in said giant’s left big toe-nail. All I ask is that I don’t have to share it with all of Vic-K’s personalities.

Why, you’re nothing but a pack of cards.

Resistance is futile…

Unless you are a bacteria in a hospital. In that case resistance is pretty much everything.