My new projects are not getting the automatic back-up file

I’ve had Scrivener for a couple of months. I’ve created five or six new files for which the system provided a backup file named “filename Backup.scriv.” I can see this file being updated each time I finish using one of those files. This week I created two new files for which I don’t see this happening, and in fact there are no folders named “filename Back.scriv.” There are backups in the Library’s application support folder, but I wonder why I don’t have the “filename Backup.scriv” folders for these new files. Does it mean anything? For safekeeping, I backup my files each time I finish with Scrivener, either on an external hard drive or what I guess you’re calling a thumb drive.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Summerfield,

It sounds like the projects you initially worked on were originally created in an earlier version of Scrivener and then updated to 2.0. When you first open a 1.x project in 2.x, Scrivener creates a “Backup” copy of the 1.x version before updating. For your most recent projects, created with 2.0 initially, there would be no 1.x “filename Backup” made.

The automatic backups made in 2.0 don’t use “Backup” in the file name. Automatic backups (by default in the ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Backups" folder) are titled projectname.bak.scriv (or .zip if you’ve chosen to compress them). If you’ve checked the box to include the date in the title, that will be entered immediately after the .bak.

If you’re seeing the “filename Backup.scriv” file update whenever you use the files, that’s a little odd; it sounds as though you’re opening the older version and thus creating a new 2.0 version of the same 1.54 project every time you work. Presumably that’s not the case, or you’d notice that your work had gone missing every time you reopened the project. So there may be something else going on there, which someone better informed and not about to dash out the door will be able to answer for you. :slight_smile: