my next problem: Search-function

sorry, sorry …
Perhaps I am stupid, but I have trouble with the cool search-function:

It seems, if the search-function is a little “tricky”? Perhaps, Scrivener doesn’t refresh?
If I try to use the search-function, I can’t see the results in the whole document – sometimes I see different selection.
Perhaps my mistake again?

I have tryed to look for “Handy” – the yellow marquee shows “Frank” – “Handy” in the right column is not selected.
Any idea?

That looks like a bug, but could you post the steps you followed to achieve that? The highlight should be showing the matching text of the current search term, and if you’re running the search via the Project Keywords dialog, it shouldn’t be highlighting anything in the main text at all.

Ok, I try it:

  1. I have a simple “testproject” (2 textfiles). I will try to search “Scrivener” (is in both files – and is a keyword).
  2. I adjust the search-option to “Alle”
  3. I click “Suchen”. Then – I see the search-word in the searchfield – but no search result.
    The outliner-view is changed
  4. I click in search-options “Alle” again.
  5. After clicking in outliner the Textfile, I see search result in both Windows.

I don’t understand this.

Best greetings