My paragraphs won't indent!

I am going insane with this and obviously missing something major. All the documents I’ve created in various projects up till now have indented the first lines of paragraphs without me having to do anything. I’ve used the default style, my custom rough-draft-double-space style, yadda yadda, no problem. Now I have a new project and I just tried typing in my brand new document and the paragraphs won’t indent.

I’ve gone to Scriv/Preferences and set the little paragraph thingie where I want it, clicked Apply, and Okay, but when I open Preferences again and choose that style, bingo, the paragraph thingie is back to flush left. If I open a new document, choose whatever style, still flush left.

Keith, I am tearing my hair out on this simple thing. Tell me what I’m doing wrong. :cry:

Addendum. This is so weird. If I close Scrivener, then open it again and go to the new project, the paragraph thingie is where I want it and I can type in a document and I get my indents. However, the MINUTE I choose a style, either default or my custom one, from the drop down menu, the paragraph thingie (help me here, Keith, what is the name for that little bar?) goes back to flush left and when I go check the Preferences and choose a style there, the thingie is back to flush left.

So obviously I should not touch anything, right?

Is it time for a cocktail yet?



Oh, Jaysen. You are always so positive. :wink:

[size=85]But why is this happening to me???[/size]

Only when I am the least negative one in the crowd. But looking around it is just you and me here. That isn’t good for you.

So I then the problem is that the ruler gets set as part of the style. The the cmd-r thing to show the ruler and see if the indent moves when you apply the style. If so, bingo.

Nice thing is that you can, in theory, make your styles use your ruler settings by defining your own styles. Don’t ask me how as I am too boring to use anything but the default.

That`s worse than split ends! :open_mouth:

I’ve been having the same thing happen, today, particularly when I start a new document in the project I’m working on. I use tabs for paragraph indentation, and when I hit Tab, it then goes to the next line. If I quit and reopen it, or paste the text from another line, it works fine.

Molly’s Mum - if you are picking a style from the ruler, then that will no doubt change the paragraph indent as the indent may be part of the style you are choosing.

Carradee - ever since updating to Snow Leopard, sometimes when I hit return, the new line isn’t indented when it should be. I have to hit delete to go back to the previous line and then hit return again to fix it. Very annoying, but it seems to be a new bug in the text system (my guess is that it has to do with the new auto-correction features; even though Scrivener doesn’t use them yet, they are there operating in the background). Could this be the same thing?

All the best,

Keith, this is EXACTLY my problem, which I went about fixing in an ineffective way by trying to reset the styles. Thanks for showing me the right way to fix it. And yes, the problem for me coincided with Snow Leopard as well–I never had this difficulty with Scriv before SL.

Will there be a future fix for this?

Many thanks,

M&M you will want to see if the same thing happens on text edit. If it does then only apple can answer your question.

This is the type of issue that makes me wait a for a few releases before upgrading.

Okay here’s my next stupid question. When I go to the preferences menu and try to reset the styles so that the little paragraph thingie bar is indented, I can’t do it. When I hit apply the paragraph thingie goes right back to flush left. So at what point in the hierarchy do you set paragraphs? That is where I went astray. When I open a new document in Scriv, the paragraph thingie is set at the first tab, but if I type a bunch of stuff, highlight it, and then choose ANY style, including Default, the thingie goes flush left and I lose my paragraph indentation and then I have to manually move the thingie to get it back to the first tab. So I haven’t tried writing any extensive documents, or copying and pasting from other sources, when I usually could set the imported material to match my regular style by highlighting and choosing Style. Except now I’m afraid I’m going to have to go through this whole rigamarole when that happens.

Am I making any sense?


You really want us to answer that last one?

Just to be aggravating:
I am running OS 10.6.1 and Scrivener 1.53 and…
Not having these problems.
Every new return produces an indent.
Every new sentence begins with a capital.
Every page, a big fat check.
No, I’m kidding about that. 8)
See Preferences: Default Main Text Attributes
If you have that 'graph set for indent, it should work.

I have a PPC comp. No upgrading to Snow Leopard for me. :mrgreen:

I’m not picking a ruler style, either. It’s currently happening in my NaNo project, and I remember copying over the styles for this project from another one, that (used to, at least) work fine, though I haven’t worked on that project recently to see if it’s also affected.

Maybe I had a system update? :confused: I’ll go download the NaNo version of Scriv and see if that helps. I keep forgetting about that “upgrade”.