My project disappeared

I downloaded and installed Scrivener for Windows earlier today. I created a new project (novel template), and started outlining. I was working for probably three or four hours, and saved numerous times. I then encountered the typing lag described here. As several users reported restarting the program as fixing the issue for them, I restarted Scrivener.

After the restart, my project had disappeared. I’ve checked the folder where I saved it and have searched my entire hard drive for the project name. I realize my data is probably lost forever, but if anyone knows what might have happened to cause this so I can avoid it in the future, I’d be really grateful. I’m running Windows 7 Starter.

I am running Windows XP, and this happened to me, also :frowning:.

Luckily, I was mostly typing in stuff that had already been written by hand, but it’s still pretty discouraging to lose an entire project.

I, too, had saved numerous times, and I’ve looked all over my hard drive and Dropbox and well, everything, and can’t find it anywhere. It was not in the list of recent projects of Scrivener, nor was it in the list of recent documents in My Computer.

Edit: I downloaded the beta when it first came out, and the other projects I have started through Scrivener were all still available.

Edit #2: I just started a new project, and realized that the only 3 locations it could have been saved to are the ones listed in the start up template screen, and I would have picked “Documents” as the folder. It is definitely not there. I also wanted to mention that when I use Dropbox, I only ever use the “save as .zip” option, and I usually only use it as a backup, not the main save location. I didn’t think it would be there, since I didn’t remember backing it up, but I checked it just in case.

Edit #3: I was originally using the Blank template and I did not encounter the typing lag.

I’ve just had the same issue.

I’m working on a netbook running Windows 7 Ultimate Edition.

The two projects I had created earlier in the week aren’t showing up anywhere. Both were using the Blank template and were hard saved regularly.

Is there any resolution to what the problem is? Any hope of a solution for recovering the work?

I’d hate this to happen to anyone, and it’s not a laughing matter !

Do you see a list of any entries under File >> Recent Projects ?

I’ve been using beta 1 on both PC Win7 64 and laptop Vista 32 - nothing lost at any time during the nanowrimo month …

Nothing there. Just the option to clear menu.

Have been trying to find any hint of the files all morning, and as far as the computer’s concerned, there was no activity of any sort involving creation or modification of any Scrivener folders or files until the test ones I did today after I noticed the problem.

Can’t think of any other more back-end ways to locate the files, so back to the blank page for me…