My Project Wont Open!?

So, recently I have tried to open a project that I’ve been working on for awhile now and I can’t open it! All of my other files that I have on Scrivner work and open up just fine, but this one wont. I keep all of my files on a separate flashdrive so at first I thought that might be the problem but when all the other files opened up just fine I tried re-installing Scrivner, got the update, and it still wont open! The separate files are fine but the whole project wont open. There’s no error message, no nothing! Any feedback would be much appreciated!

Try creating a blank project, then go to File->Import->Scrivener Project and specify the one you’re having trouble with. Hopefully, it will be able to import your project intact, in which case, you can start using the new copy. It may take a bit of reorganization to get it back to the way it was if that works, but better than not having any access at all.

Good luck!