My Scrivener anniversary

One year since Scrivener and me officially become a couple. On the 9th of May 2007 I purchased Scrivener after a month of heavy dating.

I’d love to write more about it, but sadly I don’t have the time for that right now. I just want to say: We’re still in love like on the first day.

And now I’m going to get some flowers for the app and a bottle of some good tasting liquid for my father in law, Mr. Blount.

Thanks again.


marriages come and go, but, ‘Scrivener is for Life’ :slight_smile:

Happy Anni!

Thats lovely.
Myself I have had some good times and some bad times including a Basil Fawlty car thrashing moment but I am still with the old cow.

I would love to know my anniversary so I may serenade and toast her with Tesco champagne and offer the perfect leg opener “I’ll pop across the road for a kebab.”

So cool I drink cherry liquer

:open_mouth: :blush: :open_mouth: :blush: :open_mouth:

Monsieur! You’ve made the poor thing blush!

We’ve often suspected that m’sieur K has a dirty mind under all that feigned innocence. But I’m starting to think he is - blast it - sincere!

Does this mean that we’ll need a new Bosun of Boggledygook for the good ship Scrivener?

Msieur Clangybangy, The fool vic-k, with whom I am condemned to share a brain, unlike myself, is not a man of the World, nor is he of the adventurous persuasion. He is possessed you say...a gentle disposition and delicate sensibilities. Anything untoward in his utterances, will be as a result of my behind the scenes influence As for myself, Msieur Clangy: my assignations with the Elecro Convulsive Therapist, Miss Lucinda Electron-Higgs Boson, for bouts of gymnasticated deviancy, are not the best kept secret aboard this floating human menagerie. However M`sieur, it well behoves me, to point out, that: “A perfect leg-opener”, in conjunction with a “Keebab”, does have a somewhat yuckyish connotation…oui…non?

Even we, the depraved and debauched, have standards, M`sieur. The Quietone has a penchant for drastically lowering standards wherever he posts, and this case is no exception. He will inevitably see this criticism of his ‘behaviour’, as vindication of same.
Le D :imp:

Here are some flowers, love, I hope you like them.

And about that dinner in the fancy restaurant … after we will have made it past the deadline for that certain monthly on tuesday, just like last year, okay?

Scriv, I love you!

Flowers again, love.

Sorry to be one day late but as you know yesterday was both Mother’s and election day.

And tomorrow is that monthly deadline again. Yeah, still the same monthly but with a new editor who doesn’t like my stuff very much. So what was no more than pocket money before is cut to one third. Time for a change it seems, huh?

But not for us. Still love you like on the first day, Scriv!

Thanks as always… Always nice to receive flowers, even if they are technically to my Scrivener child. :slight_smile:

So that technically makes you my father-in-law, right?

I really don’t like the mental images this is starting to create.

As you know I am not in good condition right now, my beloved Scrivener, but did you really think that would make me forget our anniversary? Never! Take this bouquet as an expression of my unquestioning devotion to you.

Eternally yours,

Barbara “Stan” Cartland

Still madly in love with you, my sweet Scrivener.

[Am I the same person that wrote the posting above this one? If so, why do I not know anymore why I signed it "Barbara ‘Stan’ Cartman? “Barbara Cartman” because of the pompous style, okay. But “Stan”? Did I think of the Southpark character who actually is not named Cartland but Cartman and who’s Christian name is Eric, while Stan is just a friend of his? Oh dear confused me.]

It’s already May 9 again! Best wishes on the next round.

Happy anniversary Stan!

Thanks, Amber and Kev!

Dear Scriverina,

I fooled you when I started this morning typing along as if it was just any day and not our day. Of course I did not forget our anniversary. How could I?

Then again, this year’s 9th of May indeed is different—no flowers for you. Instead I got this, see? This is a letter of confirmation sent by a very charming Mr. Kenwyn Blount. Who is he you’re asking, and confirmation of what? Well, I booked a room in the St. Scapple Hotel in Truro, Cornwall, for Whitsuntide. Just you and me and a romantic view over the Lemon Quay piazza. What do you say?

Scrivener promises to not be jealous. :mrgreen: