My Scrivener doesn't open on Catalina

Hey there, I purchased Scrivener a few years ago. Now Mac says to update my Scrivener and the AppStore says to BUY Scrivener 3. I don’t think I should pay for it, right? What do I do?

Thank you in advance! … or-updates

Please note that we have no control over Apple’s decisions, including their decision to end support for 32-bit applications (like Scrivener 2) in Catalina.


Very disappointed by this response.

As a company you are quite happy to sell your software via the Apple AppStore in the full knowledge that you can’t then honour your claims for offering customers a discount rate to upgrade because ‘Apple doesn’t make the customer details available to you’.

This has left a nasty taste in my mouth about your business and about your ‘upgrade’ claims.

All software companies that sell through the App Store face this issue and Apple’s response seems to be to push developers to subscription (the reason I stopped using Ulysses). I am not aware of any App Store product that gets around this issue.

L&L offer the option of purchasing direct and having the benefit of discounted upgrades though some people prefer to use the App Store.

Thank you for your feedback.

I share some disappointment other people feel as it doesn’t seem super fair. So the only solution I see is to delete the version purchased through the AppStore and buy a new update from you directly. On the side of software developers it would be nice to schedule the major updates and inform the clients in advance. So we know when to pay again for what we have already bought.

As I lost my Scrivener due to the pathetic Catalina update, I will give up on Scrivener until I badly need it.

Scriv 3 was released two years ago and there was plenty of information at the time. And plenty of information at the website about 32-bit apps eventually being dropped by Apple, and plenty of information from Apple about dropping 32-bit apps. You got a message when you started Scrivener from time to time, telling you that it would need to be upgraded if you installed Catalina.

As a user you have a responsibility to be aware of what you are doing and read the information you get.

Catalina warns users which applications will stop working before it installs.

While we have no access to App Store sales data, we can offer a discount to App Store purchasers through our own store. Send a copy of your receipt to for assistance. Please be patient, as we are currently shutdown for the holidays – the Scrivener 3 trial version will work for 30 days of actual use if you choose to go that route.