My Scrivener file is getting large

Over the last year, my novel and all its backup material, snapshots, photos etc., have gotten rather extensive. Now whenever I close my file, my automatic back-up takes about a full minute to close, and its getting longer each day.

Is there someway to reduce this time, perhaps in how I create the backups?


How big are your backup files? If they’re under 100MB, it shouldn’t take more than 10 or so seconds to create a backup on a reasonably powered computer. If it’s just due to size, you’ll have to start removing the larger binder entries that you don’t need, or just put up with the long backup times.

Rdale, thanks for the response. There are a couple of hundred of files that seem to be getting backed up everytime I close Scrivener, but none of them are very large. Definitely under 100MG in total. My computer is relatively new, 16 gig memory, 2.4 Ghz processor.

Do you think it just the volume of files being backed up? Would it be faster if I saved the files as a zip?


I wouldn’t think that it would make a difference, but you should definitely experiment. I’ve got a project with over 1000 files, most of them jpeg images, and when I back it up, it takes less than 10 seconds. Granted, I’m writing to internal, solid-state drives on both Windows and Mac. Those ssd drives are very fast storage devices, but even if you’re using the older style of hard drive with moving parts, it shouldn’t take a full minute to make what amounts to a “save as” copy of your project.

Try turning on the .zip compression and see if that makes a positive difference. If it doesn’t try making a new, blank project, drag all your files from the original project binder into the new project’s binder (which copies the originals, so they remain untouched by this action). See if that new project will back up more quickly.

If that fails, I’d try uninstalling Scrivener and re-installing it from a fresh download.

Edit: I just did a test backup of my huge project with 917 files, most of them jpegs. It took 22 seconds to back up to a .zip compressed archive, which is 412 MB in size.

P.S. I tried the backup without .zip compression. It took about 5 seconds, which is what I’d expect from a simply copy without compression.