My Scrivener has Disappeared

Help, please! I’m fairly new to Scrivener, but have been working on it for about a month. Today it seems to have disappeared from my computer! When I tried to open a file I had backed up to Dropbox, finally the icon appeared in my toolbar. But a dialog box tells me Install and Relaunch from my Applications folder (where I had originally installed it.) Should I do this? Is there any chance it would make things worse? I sent a request for tech help but it will apparently take up to 2 days, and all my work is trapped in there. I work on a MacBook Pro running OS 10.9.5.

Can you open other Scrivener projects – like ones that are not within your Dropbox folder?

It sounds like you are trying to launch Scriv by double-clicking on a project. Normally fine. But in the circumstances, before I did anything, I would look in the Applications folder first to see if your Scrivener application is in fact there (in all likelihood it is – because seriously why would it go somewhere!). Having confirmed that your Scriv app is there. Launch Scrivener by double-clicking the application icon.

Then you might try to open the project that is in you Dropbox folder. Personally I would probably make a copy of my trouble project somewhere outside my Dropbox folder while I was troubleshooting the problem.

It is possible the backup of your project that you put in Dropbox is corrupted – so the problem is the copy of the project not something about your application installation.

Am I getting warm?