My Scrivener keep crashing after purchased

Khanh Nguyen
3:51 PM (18 minutes ago)


Hello team,
I love your product, I am writing my book on Scrivener and it helps me a lot.
So I decided to purchase it so that I can utilize the power of Scrivener.
Unfortunately, after purchasing, I start downloading the latest version of Scrinever, input the code, reopen the project and it keeps crashing.
I my project is quite big to attach here. Please contact me via my email Please advice, it’s pity of me if lost my project :cry:

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

This was addressed to our forum, not our support address, and there were no attachments. You can contact our support address here:

If the crash occurs only with this project, try resetting the project display settings, as explained here: … y-settings

If it occurs with all projects, try resetting Scrivener’s preferences, as explained here: … references

If that doesn’t help either, what does the crash report say?