My Scrivener wish list [for iOS]

These would make Scrivener perfect for me:

  1. Macros for character names. So I can type eg “np” for “Napoleon”. Also, the option to store a list of character names so that spelling doesn’t keep thinking they’re misspelled.

  2. Ability to define and edit styles on iPad.

  3. Global search and replace, so I can change a character’s name throughout the book rather than having to do it in each chapter in turn.

That would be fantastic. Thank you.

Already there by default in screenwriting mode but it can be turned on for narrative mode. Often used it when writing when I can’t think of a suitable name for a character so they are entered as MMC (main male character) or some other code and then during Compile I replace those codes with a suitable name.

It also works for this use-case.

Is this just for MacOS, or iPad as well? I do all my writing on the iPad so that’s where I really need it.

And many thanks for your speedy reply!

Not sure whether it is in the iOS/iPad versions because while I use them it is only for short writing sessions. Do my major writing and all my Compiling on my Macs.

I can relate to what you ask for, and would like to second it - Both the Global Replace, and the “macro” type name list. I’d add only the frequently wish for a working FREE Dropbox alternative working on both iOS and MacOS once more, especially to sync projects between my MacBook (Air) and My iPad (Mini) The Mini is nearly unbeatable when it comes down to the compact size, which makes it perfect for corrections/additions “on the go” I know I could be the notes app when not at my desk, but it cannot beat Scriv (nor is it meant to by design)

Yes, that’s what I thought. I prefer to write in my iPad because I’m sitting at my Mac all day for the day job.

You can still use codes for the character names writing on your iPad then when it comes time to Compile switch to the Mac as it will pretty much always have better options for Compile.

Oh! I didn’t realise that. Thanks again.