My software is acting funny

I can’t scroll copy and now the formatting of a document is all screwed up and I’ve had no trouble up until yesterday.

What would happen if I trashed and then loaded again?

Hi Maiab.

Try a couple of undos in the said document.
If it comes to a point where it is fixed, backup your project.
File/Backup/Backup to … or Backup now

If you just shut down the software, it will save your project as it is, but it will clear the undo history. (You don’t want that.)

This, I don’t know what you mean.

If you mean by ‘scroll copy’ selecting for copying a longish passage of text by dragging your insertion point down until the editing area scrolls up to the point you want to select then …

In that case, you may save yourself some trouble in future and avoid some snafus, by breaking that habit and using the shift-click technique instead. Click to place your insertion point at one end of the intended selection, then simply scroll to the other endpoint and shift-click at the precise place you want the selection to end. This will select the intended area. No hold-and-drag involved.

This is easier and on the whole less prone to slip-up, like overshooting your selection, and like unintentionally dragging a block of text to a new position within the existing block.

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I forgot all about that. Thank you. It makes life so much easier.

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