My Text is lost!!!

I had a number of files labled “Most Recent” with different dates and times. All of a sudden they are gone, vanished, kaput. I’ve searched my hard drive for all .scriv files and nothing shows up.
I KNOW they were there this morning.

Can anyone help?

See “Lost everything in your Tutorial” in this same forum. I had a similar problem. Very likely you are unwittingly working inside the Tutorial. At least that is what caused all mine to vanish. Otherwise it’s a new issue (or an expansion on mine).

No matter how helpful the tutorial file is, I really think it should be changed. Better not to have an interactive tutorial at all than to have people lose their work.


The only change the definitely helpful interactive tutorial needs is an all-caps, bold-faced warning to Create New Project before entering any information you do not regard as sacrificially experimental.

Frankly, I’m puzzled why anyone wouldn’t know that Create a New Project oughtn’t to be an initial phase of creating a new project. Twas ever thus, as best I remember, since the days of Word 1.01. Or Lotus 1-2-3. Or Visicalc. Or WordPerfect. Or WordStar.

But sufficient numbers of people seem to have done just that in Scrivener, so some sort of warning, unmissable even by those who find interacting with a tutorial and digesting a wealth of instructions and advice a burden, ought to be splashed around in there somewhere or other. Perhaps with skulls and bones and Abandon Hope All Yees and the like.

thanks all,
somehow, someway, after about 6 hours of searching, I FOUND THEM. Don’t ask me how or why, but they were in a backup file that I somehow duplicated (or it duplicated itself) and was hidden??? I’m at a loss as to how I would retrace the steps I took to find them, but I’m fairly certain this was not a fault of the Scrivener program.
“We saw the enemy, and it was us, Pogo!”

Can you please define “hidden”?

can’t be seen

Much like my brain under most circumstances.

How did you “un-hide” it?

There are different ways to hide a file and depending on how you found the file it might be possible to figure out it this is what is happening to other experiencing the sudden missing content.