My text returns to beginning of document when toggling between documents

Hi, when I’m toggling between multiple documents, I have one that keeps returning to the beginning - I’d like for it to stay in the place I was when I return back to it. Does anyone know how to update this setting? Thank you!

Are you just loading one document at a time in the editor, or are you clicking on a container document/folder and viewing all of those document’s text in “Scrivenings mode”? If one-at-a-time, then you just have to click somewhere on the line that you want to return to, so that the cursor is there. When you re-load that document in the editor by clicking on it in the Binder, you’ll have that line at the top of the editor.

Yes, the app is not remembering your scroll state in each doc, it is remembering the cursor position in each doc.

Thank you for your replies - that’s not working actually - I put my cursor in a spot then toggled to a different text document in and went back but it’s starting over at the beginning. It’s a 300 page document. I have another (shorter) one where the cursor is where it will go back to, as you suggested. Any other advice? Thank you!!

Thanks for the reply - I am loading one document at a time. I feel like there must be a setting or something - the document is 300 pages - my other documents (shorter) I can put the cursor in a spot and it will return to that. Any other advice? THANK YOU!

300 pages in a single binder item? If so that’s way more than one would typically put into a single binder item. Are you perhaps loading these 300 pages as a Scrivenings session? If so the cursor position isn’t remembered for these, unless you are navigating between it and other things using the history buttons.