My "transparent" writing nook

Since I live in a loft, private space is at a premium. With two kids and a girlfriend, I was finding it hard to concentrate and dedicate any real time to writing. So, I decided to take a portion of my closet and convert it to a writing “nook.” (See attachment.)

My goal was to make the area as private and distraction free as possible. I did my best to hide everything from eye level other than the screen and keyboard. (All cables were run in the wall. My computer and a filing cabinet are below the desk. Printers, paper etc. are above.)

To add to the clutter-free aesthetic, I made my fullscreen background look like the monitor is a window to the wall behind it, with my written page floating in front of me. My iPad serves as a secondary display where I keep a dictionary and reference.

So far, this arrangement is working well. Hope it inspires someone else.

I love this! How did you manage the transparent monitor effect? Is that just a picture of the wall as your background? What a great idea!

That is cool! Very creative mind you have.

Nice! Most people Photoshop their pictures after they’ve taken the photo. You’re probably one of the few people that has actually Photoshopped their office directly. :slight_smile:

Love it! I’m craving a distraction free writing space too, and this is flows effortless calm. Happy writing!

That is very cool, I’m envious. With a wife, three boys and a dog, I’m either hunched over the kitchen table or curled up on the couch with my laptop. This has led to my writing very early (3:30am) to get any quiet time. I hope the muse is pleased with your efforts! :smiley:

I love it! Minimalist, aesthetically gratifying and fit for purpose. It really is distraction-free.
Sarah :slight_smile: