My Underlining is Red - But Only in Some Places

In the section of my project that is in Verdana, the underlining appears red. The text is black.
In the section that is Times New Roman, both are black.

But in the Times section, strikethrough appears to be bolded. Not the text, just the strikethrough.

I am not in a revision mode.

Is this something I somehow did to myself? How do I fix it?

It is possible to select a colour for underscores, so at some point there must have been some text with that setting and that is why it is acting that way in some sections. You can easily fix it with the Font palette (Cmd-T). Select the text that needs to be fixed (the whole section is fine), and in the palette, use the left-most “T” button (you might need to expand the palette size to see all options) to set the colour back to black.

That fixed it. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. :smiley: