My version 2.8.1 does not work

After moving Mac OS 11.1 Scrivener does not appear anymore and not available on AppStore.
I don’t have licence nb because I purchased 4 years ago. What I will do?

Scrivener 2 isn’t compatible with Big Sur. Therefore, most likely you will pay for a licence for Scrivener 3. The upgrade from 2 to 3 is a paid upgrade. Contact to see if you can get an upgrade discount (though they’re on holiday break and so won’t respond until next week.)

Meanwhile, you can download a trial version of Scrivener 3 at … =Scrivener . The trial version has all features and will work for 30 days so you can keep working while you resolve your licence issues.

Please do download the Upgrade Guide at … date-guide . Scrivener 3 is an extensive revision and Compile in particular has to be re-learned.

Hope this helps!