My Voicemail Message

It just seems like yesterday when it was all the rage to try to come up with a really good Answering Machine message. But with this day and age of Voice Mail it seems the art and charm is lost on many and all we are left with are very boring and mundane VM messages.

The reason I liked the messages in the old days is it helped me cut down on telemarketers or unwanted phone calls. ONe of my favorites that I used was a recording of the automated message

My friends, family, and people I knew or who I had warned about my message would of course wait and leave a message. But telemarketers and solicitors all thought the number was disconnected so they would remove my number from the list and never call again.

But now with Voice Mail that type of screening is really no longer really needed but I wanted to relive the days of old of having a fun message so I went online and found an MP3 gem that is now my Outgoing Message on my Cell Phone Voice Mail.

Here is the transcript of the message.

I love it.

So anyone else out there that has or has had an old funny answering machine or voice mail message?

My brother recorded one for my parents years ago, and it stayed for a long time time. This is how it went:


Just like kitty, but without the laughing :open_mouth: