my wife passed away this morning

Maura took a sudden and unexpected turn for the worse not quite two weeks ago. We were able to keep her from suffering too much.

I’ll probably just lurk the boards for a while… don’t feel too chatty.

Momma told me (after her own mastectomy), ‘If there’s anything you want to do, get out there and do it, because life is short’. Now I tell this to all of you.

e-hug I’ll be praying for you and your family.


Blessings to you and your family.

Strength to you right now.


My sincere condolences. I am so sorry.


Ive just read your post, and Im gutted. I was so sure Maura was gonna beat it. Im so so sorry Kev. My heart goes out to you. Be strong! My thoughtsll be with you over the coming days.
Take care son,

I am so sorry for your loss.
My thoughts are with you in this very difficult and painful time.
Take care of yourself and your children.

Andrea Dahl

My deepest sympathies. Not much I can say other than that, as I know nothing anyone can say can lessen the grief you will be feeling over the coming days and months, but my thoughts are with you.

I too send you my deepest condolences. Your grief must be all the deeper for all the hope that you have had over the last few months. My thoughts are with you.


My sincere condolences. I’m so terribly sorry for your loss.

My condolences. These are the things I would never read. Keep strong her memories, go on for her.

I am so sorry, Kevin. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

My sincere condolences, Kevin. After the sadness begins to ebb, take heart and start to heal. Eugene is a good town in great country. Spend some time by a lake, in the hills, or at the coast to watch the waves roll on and on.

Last night I learned that one of my students, barely 25 and full of promise, took his own life. I’m trying to focus on what he was, and not what will never be. Perhaps you can do the same with your own memories.

So sorry to hear. But your mother’s words are wise.


Kevin, I am so sorry to hear this sad news. Words feel so inadequate, and they do little to lessen the pain. I hope you’re surrounded by people from whom you can draw strength.

So sorry to hear this news. I’ve lost too many friends and family in the past few years, so I know that there aren’t any words that can take the pain away, and unfortunately in this venue words are all we have. Know that you are not alone. Prayers and healing energy to you and your family.

Oh, Kevin, I am so very sorry. I cannot imagine the pain you must be feeling. She sounds like such a special and brave person; the only consolation is that she is no longer suffering. I hope we can do a small part to ease the emptiness. My heart goes out to you. :cry:

Godspeed Maura.


I am so very sorry for your loss. My prayers and best wishes are with you and your family.



Thanks everyone.

She wasn’t merely special. She was my heroine!

Nice to be among kindred spirits. My writing would never have progressed as far as it has without her ceaseless support and understanding.

Thats a beautiful epitaph. Looks like shes gonna see you through to the time when thoughts of her bring a smile to your lips, and gladden your heart, and not tears to your eyes. In the meantime, she`ll be your rock.
Take care

I am with Vic. You will find she is with you still, in strange ways. I cannot imagine the grief of losing a life’s companion, but both my parents, with whom I was very close, died within 15 months of each other recently (though they had been divorced for over 30 years). I can swear to you they are as much and as deeply a part of my life as ever, in ways I could not have imagined. I often wondered how I would bear it when they were gone, and this has been a real blessing. Certainly in the days after their deaths I could feel them especially powerfully. I pray this will be the same for you, Kevin. Your writing is a true gift, just as she was, and they will always be bonded together. Carry her in your words and she will live on for the rest of us as well.

God bless.