My wish list after some months of using Scrivener

I’ve been using Scrivener for some months now, and I thought I’d share what I’d like to see in Scrivener, things that’d help me when I use it:

  1. a quicker way to apply styles, like the Style button and/or drawer in Apple Pages. This would save me a lot of time that I now spend in hunting down the style I want, copy and then paste it.

  2. a way to “apply” templates, like in Apple iDVD. Has it never happened to you that what you thought was a short story actually turned out to be a novella or novel, with different labels, etc.? Right now I have to create a new file and c&p all the pieces from the old file with the first template to the new file with the new template, which doesn’t seem ideal to me.

  3. live search everywhere (e.g. imported webpages and pdfs), not only for text documents. I love the fact that you can have all your documentation inside of Scrivener, but it would be nice if you had live search in it as well. Right now you only get the indication that your word is there in your document, but not where exactly, which is a pity.

  4. possibility to add your own highlight colors. I use highlighting a lot, and since I associate a different meaning to each color, five colors isn’t quite enough for me.

Just my two cents, of course! :slight_smile:

Define the style. Give it a name. Then you can apply it using the Style button on the ruler.

Use the merge document command (or export draft, if you want to pull it out of the current project) to squish all the pieces together, then do whatever you like to the new file.


Just wanted to chime in on this one. I wish one could add highlight colors just like you can with the labels. And maybe give them names also, allthough that’s not so important.

Otherwise a great piece of software with a very affordable price. Thanks;)

You can name highlights, just not change their colour.

thanks for the tip :slight_smile: