My Wish List

If there was an app for ipad/android tablet this is what I would like:

-view of binder
-view of scenes to edit
-sync w/desktop version
-inspector if possible
-full screen
-manuscript view that lists scenes with word count, metadata in columns etc

Corkboard is not important to me, split view would be nice but not necessary.

Thanks for putting a place for suggestions

Thanks for the feedback!

By “manuscript view” do you mean the outliner or Scrivenings mode? I’d have assumed the latter, but your description sounds more like the former.

I’m not really sure of the right terminology. I’m still learning the program. I’m referring to the mode you get when you go to “group mode” and the view you get when you click on the far right icon. I’ve found that VERY useful.


Okay that is the “Outliner”. It provides a configurable set of columns so you can track word counts, modification dates, and so forth. Something like that would be more challenging on a small screen with the simplified widgets available, but at the very least a simplified version of the outliner would be great, I do agree.