My Wish List

I love Scrivener so far, and wish I started it with many years ago when I did find it but passed it by. (I had too much going on at the time.) Having worked with it for about a month or so, I would like to see these features in an already great app!

-Faster way to find documents (e.g. folders, text files) and to drag them with a link to another document

-Easier linking from document A to document be and reverse linking. May be there can be a button: do you want a reverse link? Currently, I have to go through a lengthy procedure to make this happen. I was in this situation yesterday: I had a split screen, and I wanted to link both documents that are right in front of me though I was not quite sure where they are in the binder. Linking them in both directions, should have been fairly fast, but I went through a long process. May be there is a way to do it faster.

-More split screens. I looked at the Zettelkasten app. They have 6. Scrivener now has four according to my count (Binder, two splits, Synopsis). But adding two more splits would be great. A workaround for now is to use the space bar and open a document in a floating window and to use the special search tool (thanks, AmberV, for showing it to me!). Having all this integrated would be great.

-Freestyle cork board in Collections. This probably not even possible technically, but this is a wish list.

-Automatic update of the links if the title or text is changed to something else. I read the Scrivener manual last night for that section, and it seems that it is possible to update the links, but something automatic would be great.

Thanks for reading, and many thanks for your awesome work!!!

I thought that I needed to add one possible way to find files faster. I use OmniOutliner as a task manager, and I find their way of filing tasks away fast. What the app allows users to do is to start typing the name of a project or context, and anything that contains the characters starts appearing in the fall down menu. It is similar to Google search: you start typing a word, and anything you’ve typed before or similar starts coming up and you may select a pre-typed option. Just a thought.

As a workaround for this…

Say you’ve got two documents in split screen, A and B.

• In A press cmd-opt-R – this will reveal it in the binder.
• Go to document B (View > Layout > Swap Editors – I bind a shortcut to this to make it easier)
• Option-drag (don’t highlight, just option-drag) Document A from the Binder into Document B (or to its Reference Panel in the Inspector – cmd-opt-ctl-N)

So now you’ve got a link to Doc A in Doc B. If you’ve got the ‘Create back-link references’ option ticked in Preferences > Navigation, then this will also create the reverse link back from Doc B to Doc A.

You can see the links in the References Inspector panel.


Thanks, Brookter. I will try this out.