My Wish - RTF Superscript Transformation

I note the following in the release notes for 3.0.3: Added a “Superscript ordinals in titles, synopses and metadata” option to the “Transformations” Compile format settings.

My wish is that when I import an RTF document with Superscripted numbers referencing a title elsewhere in the document, that there was a transformation that would reduce the font size so that the superscripted characters would not alter the line spacing.

I use Reunion for Mac as my genealogy database. It will emit good RTF documents with superscripted numbers embedded to reference the source documents numbered list. Everything works fine except that the line spacing is altered when there is a superscripted number.

I’ve added this for 3.0.4.

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Thanks, i have been hoping that this could be done.

I have just loaded up 3.1.1 and imported an RTF into Scrivener. The superscripted values are still showing in the same font size. Is this changed during compile somehow?

This is definitely done. I wonder if the RTF is using a baseline offset rather than true superscript. Could you please attach a sample RTF file?

I was trying to attach the RTF and discovered that it is an RTFD. You will not attach an RTFD. So then I deleted all of the images from the source and regenerated the file hoping that it would end up as an RTF and it did. I imported the RTF to Scrivener and lo and behold the superscript characters are small and the line spacing is consistent. I need to think about this some more. :blush:

A-ha - yes, the import fix is only applied to RTF (and Word documents), not to RTFD documents which only come from Apple text system apps.

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Is that forever? Just asking. It may be that RTF will help, but it will take some investigation to see. Reunion for Mac normally outputs images with the family tree.

It wouldn’t make sense to reduce the font size for superscript text in imported RTFD files. The reasoning is this:

  • Word and certain other word processors automatically shrink superscript text without requiring a smaller font size. This means that when such files are imported into Scrivener, the superscript text may be too big. This is because the information given in the file will be something like “12pt superscript”. In Word (and other word processors) this will result in text that is actually only around, say, 4pt tall. When imported, if I don’t adjust the font size, the superscript text will remain 12pt tall since the macOS text system does not automatically shrink superscript text - the only way is to reduce the font size.

  • RTFD is only used by applications that use the macOS text system (TextKit), such as TextEdit. Apps that use this text system do not shrink superscript text by default. So if Scrivener shrank it on import, it would usually result in something that looks different from the input text.

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Thank you for the explanation. I will figure a workaround for myself using what you have done to RTF. Thanks again.