My WishList : calendar view, outliner and bookmarks

PS : sorry for my english.

Hi all,

I m a small french writer (you can read me here if you want , and if you understand French) and to write last book, I decided to use scrivener (3-4 month ago - mac version). It’s a verry good software but I found it missing some stuff that I put here.
For info, I just finish the first draft (so probably, I will make another for for revision propbably, and so on).here my wish list :smiley:.

PPS : if some of them are possible, please tell me how…

Copy paste to the outline OR import to the online
Like lots of people (I suppose), I use a table (excel, numbers, etc…) to make a fast draft of the story. Reason is, for example, compute date.The prob is when you wanna copy this table (from excel, numbers etc… ) or import it, that become complicate. the csv format is really not a use tool (cells on more than 1 line explose the outliner)

  • A cool feature could be copy paste Cells from a numbers TO the Outline. Or An import method that import a excel of numbers file (or at least the json File ) and create the skeleton (a flat empty file per line) but where the metadata are mapped on the column name.
  • Generally, copy paste from outside to outline is complicate. Dates are the worst.

Just to kown, I use bookmark as tag. In the Reasearch -> Characters, I create a directory-character-named and inside I create a file named for example “Clothes”. In the documents, everytime, I speak clothes somewhere, I link to that file.
The reason I do not use tag is that, tags are related to file. Bookmakrs are related to texte. So if only 2 sentences speak about the clothes, only this 2 lines are linked to bookmarks. BUT:

  • Could be cool to have in the right click “link to bookmark” , create a new bookmark and link to it.

  • could be cool to choose the color of the bookmarks.

  • Could be cool to add a bookmark on a Comments. (if I select a text with a comment, impossible to add a bookmark)


  • In outline view, is it possible to have only files and not tree view. Like a excel table. Actually, it’s pretty annoying when sorting a column, they stay in their folder.

  • Could be cool have more variables… and some dynamics variables based on words for example :

  • Having a number of comments per file. (I use a lot of comments…)

  • Having a search column. (column count reference of a word I tape). It facilitate to know where we speak of something.

Calendar view
Every storiess has dates. but working with date in Scrivener is complicate. It could be cool to have a calendar view based on a date column.

Here my wishList. If some of them are already possible. Please tell me how.

thanks alot.