My word count is disappearing

and I can’t find it (((

I mean in the footer bar where its normally in the middle. It’s gone - how do I get it back?

From Help: “On the right of the buttons, centered in the footer view, is the count of how many items are currently being displayed on the corkboard or outliner.”

The count is gone, GONE!!! ((((((

You have entered scriptwriting mode. Text > Scriptwriting - the top item will turn it off.

Thank you, I’ve never hit that before. Must have done so accidentally. I was at a loss for words! Well, I was at a loss for words counted at any rate!

ETA: I see now that this is as simple as hitting command-3 which is what I must have done.

May I suggest that you update the Help file to reflect this? Perhaps when showing what the footer looks like normally (under the views section you have a small screen shot of the footer), you can add what it looks like in script-editing mode and note that Command-3 will change the views? I would never have thought to look at Script Mode to fix this problem as I never use it and while the footer changes nothing comes out and says “You are now in Script Mode”. (Which it shouldn’t, of course - just there was no ready answer under views in Help and this is sort of a change in views…)


The same thing happened to me. Thanks for the answer!

In my Scrivener’s document I made a Folder at the bottom I’ve entitled, “FORUM Answers” and put answers like this one in there, because I don’t trust my memory. I’ve lost the word count before but couldn’t remember the answer given here. Sometimes I don’t even remember what questions I’ve already asked. Oh my.

Something dawned on me the other day. One advantage of getting Alzheimers is that you don’t have to keep going out buying books. You can just read the same one over and over and enjoying it every time. Of course there’s a different rule regarding writing a book, although it’s taking me so long I don’t think I’ll ever get done…and I’m only writing an Essay. :smiley:

This is actually already covered in the Help file. This is in the “Getting Statistics” part of the “Text Editing” section:

This links to the “Views” section which covers the footer view (a search in the Help file on “Footer” will bring it up too):


Sorry, KB, you missed the point on this one.

When someone inadvertently turns on scriptwriting by hitting command+3, then the word count disappears. You know this, but we don’t. We have no idea what we did do make the word count disappear and so in trying to get it back, we FIRST look in the help section under the Footer (because we are smart enough to know that is where the count went missing).

When we do find the Footer View in the help section, the subheading is bold and blue. AND THERE IS JUST ONE PARAGRAPH. That’s it, so we read it. It is quickly followed by sub-headings Editor Pane and Editor: Corkboard and Outliner, which are also blue and bold, suggesting that these are different topics and only the one paragraph is actually under Footer View (at least that’s what it suggests to me).

I remember reading that paragraph two or three times, trying to find a hint of the word count missing before I happened to notice that for some reason, there was an image of the footer with the word count under the “Editor: Corkboard and Outliner”, so I read all of that, too.

I did not read all the way down to nearly the middle of the next section, Editor: Text View, because I did not need that info (so I thought), so why bother reading it? I just wanted to know how to turn the darned word count back on.

For visually-oriented people like me, we’re going to scan through the Help file, looking for a picture of the Footer and seeing the three variations all together would say “Bingo! Here’s the answer”.

I’d suggest having three pictures of the Footer bar in a row:

  1. “When the corkboard or outliner is being used, the footer view looks like this:”

  2. “When a document is being used, the footer view looks like this:”

  3. “When in script writing mode (Command+3), the footer view looks like this:”

Just my point of view. Hope you see where I’m coming from.


The help file needs rewriting for 2.0 anyway, but really, turning off the word count at the bottom is something that a user has to actively do. I didn’t miss the point at all; if anything, you missed the point as you could not have read the paragraph on the footer view entirely, because if you did you would have soon found the information you were after. You said yourself that the first thing you looked up is “footer”. Well, if you did this, you would soon get to the section on “Views”, and reading the section on “Footer View” tells you that its contents are associated with the contents which is described “below”. If you then read on to the part below and skip to the section on the text view, you soon come across this:

You say that you didn’t think to read this far and instead only read the one paragraph under “Footer View”; but although you say you read that paragraph two or three times, you must somehow have missed the very explicit statement in the last sentence of that paragraph:

Had you read that sentence I am sure you would soon have seen what is going on.

If I tried to make the Help file catch every single instance of a user misreading it or missing a section, or tried to have an image for every possible thing, it would be the size of War and Peace. :slight_smile:

Also note that this is explained in the tutorial project, which has a whole section on the footer view and draws the user’s attention to this very feature, getting the user to enter and then leave scriptwriting mode to see the change in the footer. Anyone who has been through the tutorial (which is strongly recommended for all new users) will therefore know what has happened without needing to refer to the Help file at all, so I don’t really believe I can be accused of not making this reasonably obvious.

I do, however, see where you are coming from and will take your comments into consideration when I come to write the new Help file for 2.0.

Thank you for this simple tip. I have worked with Scrivener for quite some time now, but could not solve the problem of the disappeared word and character count in the Footer View. I am currently working on two projects and only one of them did not display word count - only I couldn’t figure out why and the help file did not help.
So I can go back to writing now. Thanks again and best wishes for 2010!