My workaround for fullscreen issue. Improvements?

For anyone who uses the contextual menu to access Dictionary/Thesauruses, remember that you can still use that in a basic mode by changing the Preferences in Dictionary application to open a dictionary panel rather than the dictionary application. This keeps you in Scrivener full screen mode for wuick referencing of words in dictionary/thesauruses. You don’t get the complete dictionary reference, i.e., containing phrase uses, etc., but you do get the basic core definitions.

Do what mechanics used to do with a persistent trouble light: cover it with black electrical tape.


Hi, thanks to everyone for their serious (and not so serious) suggestions. But I’m going to stick with my original solution.

If this is how the user experience now is, then I’ll live with my workaround. Moving to cramped little popups, or hacked layouts when I’ve got an empty monitor sitting next to me just doesn’t sit well with my system. Scrivener full screen is nice, and I work well with the full screen dictionary app and it’s keyboard shortcuts.

Hitting Cmd-K to reverse Scrivener’s sudden shyness is something I can live with. So in answer to my one word question of “Improvements?” I guess the answer for me is “No” but maybe it’s just a “Not yet” and I have to be patient.