My writing, on the web.

got most of it up now, please take a look.


I liked some of this very much.

“and a bicycle messenger for Swifty’s Messenger Service. This last was an unwise career move, since Arum was clumsy and unswift. After he was hit by the same parked car for the third time, Swifty canned him.”

Good stuff.

The first paragraph of “Getting it Right” put me off a little bit, I’ll admit. The entire paragraph being one long rambling sentence & all. I still haven’t read it, although I probably will when I’m not quite so tired and busy as I have been this week.

Overall, I like your writing, in a nutshell :slight_smile:


Eddy, read it, it`s funny. Like a razor sharp Holden Caulfield. :slight_smile:

I think its possible that Bill is taking the piss out of Hemingways propensity for short sentences, with his opening sentence/paragraph.

I not skilled in the art of critique, so Ill just acknowledge the fact, that I think were in the company of a, Writer. :wink:
Take care

Read it I shall. Just when I’m a little less fraught than I am this week! After all, in certain circles turning down a recommendation is tantamount to refusing a pint … :open_mouth:

… and that would NEVER do.


BUt one must consider from whom the offer originates. Yes?

Oh, the geographical location of Stockport means it is not an area where one turns down a pint lightly!


Fearful for your well being, I`ve made one or two discrete enquiries, apropos you presenting yourself at the RED LION hostelry, in anticipation of the offer of hospitality, friendship, uninhibited bonhomous interaction twixt your good self and the, clientele (for want of a better expression) therein. As I feared, the word on the street in not encouraging.

According to the local feral tom, who regularly drops by (chancing his arm in the vain hope of an erotic interlude), his contact, the Red`s mouser, informs him thus:

On arrival at the RED, you are honour bound to deposit all weaponry (firearms and knives), in the cloakroom.
Having entered, you will be accosted by two hookers, one female, one male in drag, both, in their mid 60s. All but impossible to distinguish twixt one and the other, apparently.

Having declined their offers, you will more than likely be accosted by an unsavoury looking individual, offering to sell you all manner of narcotic/hallucinogenic substances. Should you be tempted to avail yourself of his merchandise, be warned, what ever the name on the little packets, they will contain, nothing more adventurous, than dried grass cuttings from the RED`s Crown Green Bowling green.

Invariably, new faces at the bar, attract the attention of individuals, for whom fate has dealt a cruel and dastardly blow. However, Eddy, you can rest assured, that the pint they would entreat you to buy them, as they themselves will point out, contains all the necessary prerequisites and wherewithal, to re-imbue their miserable existence, with its former equilibrium.

What will not occur, however, is the opportunity to refuse the offer of a pint, from a member of the aforementioned clientele. Best not to hold ones breath, whilst waiting for the offer to materialise. It wont!
Take care

P.S. You do realise that you two, are off-topicking, like a pair of recalcitrant recidivists.

I like the site format, haven’t had time to read an article right through yet, but the style I find very amusing, so the site will get bookmarked and hopefully some meaningful comments!

Just a design thing - if you put a word count on the last article line together with Keep Reading or Read More it’s gives the reader an idea of how long it will take to read. Just my instant impression. You may not like the idea, depends on how minimalist you want to be.

Great stuff! I’ll have a good read later… :smiley: