MyColumn - undervalued writing tool

This was very surrreal. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about Tofu, because I use it to read whenever it’s practical. And I thought too bad I can’t use it to write, and then remembered My Column. I checked the forums and saw the flurry of comments and controversy it raised. So naturally, I had to find out what it like working on a long document in it. It happens I doctoring a couple of novels and plunked one of them in, about 40,000 words worth (not the poet), and I love it. I have never felt so at home, or had my writing flow so easily. I tried doing the same thing in Nisus, but you have to go through formatting stuff to set it up and I don’t like that kind of time wasting. So I’m going to see how writing in MyColumn works (I promise I’ll save religiously) over a longish haul. I think it’s just another side of Keith’s genius, that he produces something so useful just as a casual gesture. Like Mozart dashing off a miniature instrumental masterpiece as a way to break the tension while working on an opera. Or Fermat saying he had a lovely proof but didn’t have the room (or was it the time) to write it down.


I still write with Keith’s BlockWriter implementation from time to time, too. :slight_smile: