MyScript Stylus (beta)

Ok, I’ve done a search and found reference to MyScript Notes, which is an app that allows handwritten text input. However I’ve been testing out a new app by the same people, MyScript Stylus, which replaces the on-screen keyboard so the character recognition function is available on the whole tablet where text input is required.

I have found it to be pretty darn good, considering I write like a doctor. I haven’t tested it quite thoroughly enough yet to see whether it is faster for me on my tablet than my keyboard (I have an Asus Transformer with the docking keyboard), but initial impressions are that it is at least close in speed.

Best of all, right now it is free. It’s a beta app and can be found on the Play website. There are improvements to be made, sure, but in my view they are tinkering around the edges, not correcting lgaring mistakes.

I’ve been a user of MyScript products for - well, it seems like at least ten years, but maybe it’s more or less. In my experience, handwriting recognition, of which I think MyScript is the chief consumer exemplar, is not yet an everyday-get-it-right-98-per-cent-of-the-time technology. It’s getting there, and it’s made great improvements, but, for my handwriting at least, it still has to arrive.

Unlike speech recognition which, probably quite wrongly, I think of in the same bracket. If you treat Dragon Dictate or Dragon Naturally Speaking with care, they are now accurate enough to be capable of improving your productivity significantly (well, unless you’re someone like AmberV with high-end typing skills to make one envious… :wink: ).

At least, they have done for me. Your mileage, as a result of your dictation skills or your handwriting, may vary.