Pleased to report that is now out of its Beta.

During our public beta, we received lots of feedback . We are still working on a number requests, but the following enhancements have been implemented:

–You can create posts using a Rich Text editor (html based) or Markdown
–You-tube videos can be posted.
–External links/pages can be added.
–The concept of a stack has been brought to the forefront : many felt that it was not clear what a stack was. So, a stack is just a collection of web resources filed under a topic category. For example, here is a stack Nikola Tesla’s AutoBiography:!/binder/35/ni … obiography

Please do give me your comments/feedback about my creation.

Harsh Bhasin
Creator: Published! App,

BBC Asian Network chefs and sisters-in-law, Nina and Sumita are blogging on about their food journey:

Cute splash page, but I can’t get any of the screencasts to work.
They just cycle back to the splash page. Oh well…

hmm… they seem to be working for me. However, here is a quick start: