Mysterious Bullets and Indents

I have a novel done in Scrivener, and then pasted in some Word stuff from my editor (who gave me some notes in track changes). Now I see I probably should have pasted to NOT carry over the formatting, but I’ve got problems. Thing is, it looks absolutely fine in Scrivener. Perfect. Great looking.

HOWEVER when I compile this thing, many passages have bullet points randomly showing up in Word and several lines indented twice, instead of the standard one indent to start a paragraph.

Anyway, I figured I could zap most formatting problems with the global type fix. I went to Scrivener>preferences, and set the formatting to default. I then highlighted all of the documents in the manuscript and converted them all to default formatting text style.

However, this did not impact the problem. I mean, it would totally suck if I have to go through a 300 page novel and make sure every paragraph is indented properly and remove a bunch of bullets.