Mysterious OS X message...

Because so much knowledge meets here: In the last weeks, from time to time, when I start an application, a window tells me “You are running this application for the first time. Do your really want to do this?”, with the option to start, to abandon or to show the application in a folder.

Needless to say that this is nonsense; it happens with applications I use almost every day (Scrivener for example), and it happens even several times with the same apllication!

Am I doing here anything wrong? Is there a virus in my system? What’s going on? Any hints welcome.

I am still using Tiger 10.4.10 on an iMac.

Have you run any maintenance programs such as ‘onyx’ or 'maintenance" . These programs can reset the launch services database, so when you launch a program, OS X thinks it has done so for the first time.

:open_mouth: A strange one this. I get this message whenever I have done a deep cache cleanout. Why this should happen on every launch is somewhat bizzarre. To me it says your Mac is unable to store certain information it needs available to review on launch. Firstly I would repair the permissions on your Mac, see if that makes a difference.

Are the applications, you’re having problems with, stored in your Application folder?

Yes, all my applications are in the applications folder.

I have run some system tool - but a long time ago.

It doesn’t do any harm, as far as I see, it just irritates.

You should try to fix it anyway. It could be a symptom of a deeper problem.

This message will also appear if you’re running an app thats on a disk image (dmg).

Mmm… this is a message I get in Leopard whenever I’ve downloaded a new update and am opening the update for the first time (as well as a new program).

My Powerbook still has Tiger on it (10.4.11) but it’s only ever asked me a similar question right as the download finishes.

So for me - Leopard asks permission to open when I go to open the application, not when I download it.

Tiger asks for permission right at download time, not when I first go to open it.

Sounds like somehow you’re getting a Leopard behavior with Tiger. That is odd.