Mystery space between title and subtitle

I hate to ask for help on this minor issue, but I am again stumped.

Here’s how my binder looks:

Here is how I’d like the output to look:

The separators have me stumped, especially because the subtitle text (“a year earlier”) is within the folder itself, not in a document inside the folder. I promise I read the manual, and from it learned the cool word “asterism” and some other interesting things, but I remained baffled. Maybe I have Friday brain.

The first part at least won’t have to do with the separators, which are specifically about the divisions between binder items–how they’re to be stitched together in compile, so to speak–but the actual formatting of the title text and the subtitle text; likely one or both has paragraph spacing before or after it that you don’t want.

In the Section Layouts of the compile format editor, select the layout used for the level 2 folders, then click into the sample title text in the formatting editor and choose “Other…” from the spacing menu on the right of the format bar. That will allow you to adjust the line spacing and after-paragraph spacing (the two most likely to be the problem here). Do the same for the sample document text (i.e. the folder text that’s serving as the subtitle)–it may have before-paragraph spacing you want to get rid of or trim down, and you may want to then add after-paragraph spacing to enlarge the space between this text and the text of the following document. For trimming the gap, I’d also check in the Title Options that there isn’t an extra blank line being added after the title.

Another way (or an additional way) to increase the spacing between the subtitle and the following text is to adjust the separators between the two section layouts (whatever you’re using for the level 2 folders and then for the level 3 documents within them). You could, for instance, set the section layout for the folders to use a custom two blank lines as a separator after the sections, overriding the normal separator you’re using before the document section layouts. I’d recommend though just playing with the paragraph spacing on the subtitle text first to see if you can achieve what you want, as that will give you much more control for what you’re after and should be able to do what you need without complicating the separators.

Culprit found (me). Problem got solved with paragraph spacing in the title (too much after) and the document text (not enough before) in the Edit Format portion of Compile, as you suggested. I won’t try out the separators idea yet, as I’m still trying to wrap my head around the controls. Thanks so much for solving that for me!

Great, glad you’ve got it working! There’s no need to mess with the separators if it’s looking as you want now, so I wouldn’t worry about that at all.