<$n> export problems


I used Scrivener to organize my teaching notes and prepare exams. In the current set up, I have a pool of True/False questions each in a separate documents. Within each document, I have questions like “1.<$n> Tables in first normal form …”, so that the <$n> will be transformed to 1, 2, 3, … when I compile the whole exam.

However, when I do that using Scrivener 2.0, the supposedly 1.1, 1.2, 1.3… are actually transformed to 1.51, 1.52, 1.53, …

I only selected a specific folder (Exam Fall 2010), and it doesn’t make sense to start the sequence with 51, not 1. Is this a bug or not? I remember I used similar function in Scrivener 1.54, and there was no error like this.



Denny, there is a new option in the compiler, under Processing Options, “Compile ignoring levels outside of the current compile group”. This will make it so whatever spot compiles you do will act as though they are the only material in the Draft. This option has been added so people can export just chapter 12 for proofing and have it stay chapter 12.

I got it. Thanks a lot!


I either don’t understand this, or there is a bug…

Here is a test document. Two folders, each with one file, each file with two number incrementers (all of the “figure” class).

If I compile the Draft folder, I get

Figure 1: 1
Figure 2: 2
Figure 3: 3
Figure 4: 4

If I turn off Include in Compile for the first document, I get

Figure 3: 1
Figure 4: 2

All is as it is supposed to be

But if I turn “Include in Compile” on for the first document, but compile just the second folder, and do not click “Compile ignoring levels…” I get the

Figure 3: 1
Figure 4: 2

again. Shouldn’t Scrivener pick up the counters from the first document? Or am I confused?



This option is for compile group containment, not generalised exclusion of documents. If a document is set to be excluded from the compile, it is presumed that document has nothing to do with the book and should never be calculated into any counter increments.

So going back to how this should work: compile groups: that drop-down at the top of the Contents pane? That’s what this processing option impacts.

Apologies, my test case is now working exactly as the manual says, and exactly as Ioa explained.

I am sure that it wasn’t working earlier, but until I come up with a test case that is reliably broken, I can only assume that the error was on my end.

Thanks for your patience.


Yeah, please do post a test case if you find one. I tried about four different counters in three different spots (content area; title area; auto-prefixed from Formatting) and they were all working as advertised.