<$n:figure> not working

I’ve read online about figure numbering and referencing but I can’t get it to compile as expected. If I use a simple <$n> to number my figures, Scrivener correctly numbers these codes when compiling to Word. However, if I use <$n:figure> or <$n:figure:FigName> Scrivener does not replace these codes with numbers but outputs those strings exactly as they are (i.e., “<$n:figure>” is exactly what shows up in the compiled document). How do I get the Scrivener compile function to work properly with the figure label (":figure") and figure name (":FigName")?

If it’s not in the manual (I could only find references for $n, not $n:type:name) then again it’s probably a Mac only feature.

Thanks for the response, Linus – I’d searched the manual, too, and found no mention of this features. It didn’t occur to me that the functionality of the Windows version might be different from the Mac version. All of the examples of the use of this feature that I found online did use screenshots from a Mac version of Scrivener, so your guess might be right; see examples in

[unvexed.blogspot.com/2012/07/how ... vener.html](http://unvexed.blogspot.com/2012/07/how-to-do-cross-references-in-scrivener.html)
[plus.google.com/+HusseinHeshmat ... TpZoC7keJc](https://plus.google.com/+HusseinHeshmat/posts/iTpZoC7keJc)

I did, however, find this set of release notes/change list for Scrivener 1.10 that mentions this feature:


I note that:

(1) the notes don’t say whether they apply to Windows or Mac versions
(2) The version for sale on the L&L site is still 1.9.7 (which is what I’m using)
(3) there are release notes for 1.11: literatureandlatte.com/downloads/1_11.html

Finally, after some more fishing around the web, I found this rtf document:

literatureandlatte.com/downl … Readme.rtf

that mentions version 1.10 and this document is about the Mac version.

So: it would appear that you are right: this is just a Mac feature. :frowning: