Name and place list

I am totally new to Scrivener and want to find out if there is a way to create a list of Names of characters and places so that I can somehow more easily enter then while I am writing.
Till now I have used a multi clipboard SW to achieve this but it is quite limited.
I was hoping that Scrivener had this function somewhere.

If it exists, can someone confirm this and point me toward this function, and if not, can I upvote this feature or suggest it if it has not yet been suggested (I highly doubt it somehow)

Many thanks in advance for the help.

You can use auto-corrections for this. I’ve heard it being used where a short “code” name is used/typed in that is automatically “corrected” to the name you want.

That is basically what I was doing ten years ago when I got tired of typing “Rawlinson” in my thesis. I abbreviated it to rwln. Problem solved. I did the same thing for “social constructionism”. You get the drift. On Mac if the built-in feature is not good enough, there are utilities like Typinator that will do much more. Not sure what is available on Windows.

Just took a look and found this list

OK I see.
I was hoping there was a feature like “Ditto” built into Scrivener. Ditto is basically a multi clipboard with some other features, but these features are not specifically designed for fiction writers like myself.

Anyway thanks for clearing this up for me.

Thought I figured it out now, not exactly the best way to do this but also better than nothing at all.

I will try to document how this works here for anyone who follow:

F12 - Options
“Edit substitutions”

Here you will find all the shorcuts for special characters. This can be replaced by your own shortcuts. e.g.

dc as a shortcut for Dragon city

If I were to have a wish here: it would be that I can upload a .CSV with 2 columns, the shortcut and intended word of phrase. This way I can upload all my shortcuts in one go instead of go through the input dialogue one at a time.

Another way of going about this is by adding words to the Project>Auto-Complete List (shortcut “Ctrl-Shift-4”). Then you just type the first letter or two of the word you want auto-completed, hit “Alt-=”, and you’ll see a popup menu of words that begin with what you’ve already typed, and choose the word you want from that list. (If you’ve typed enough letters so there’s only one option, it will already be highlighted and a simple “Enter” will do it.)

If it’s not too distracting to you, you can also go to the Options>Corrections screen you’ve already described, and just above “Edit Substitutions” is the option “Word Completion.” Choose “Select Completions as you type,” and you won’t even have to type in “Alt-=”: the options will just pop up as you type, and as soon as it highlights the option you want, just hit “Enter” for the autocomplete.

(Further info is located in the Manual, section 15.7.)