Name dictionaries


First time posting here and I am sure this is probably obvious to most folks out there so sorry if this is an obvious thing. Just started using Scrivener and absolutely love it - one thing I did not predict was how much time it was going to save me on really silly stuff. Surprise number one - I labor over character names - even the minor one scene names. It’s one of those little things that I use as an excuse to obsess over and stops me dead in my tracks for an hour here and an hour there.

I started using the name generator in scrivener and even though it never suggests something I use directly it’s a great riffing partner. Without fail it will give me an idea that turns into a name. So…

I am working on a piece right now that needs very specific regional given names and surnames - where the heck do I get name dictionaries to load in using that little ‘+’ button in the name generator? How are they formatted? This would really help me out.