Name Generator Fun

I have a couple of feature requests for an oft-overlooked part of Scrivener: Its Name Generator. Here are my ideas:

  1. I have a dozen or so name-lists that every time I reinstall my macOS, and thus Scrivener, I have to reload, rename, and restate whether they are Male Forenames, Female Forenames, or Surnames. Over and over. Why not make the Name Generator “preferences” savable, as part of the “Preferences” that get saved when you save your Preferences into a file or theme from the main Preferences window?

  2. You should consider licensing (or straight up asking to borrow) some of Seventh Sanctum’s ( awesome name generators (or at least their name lists and algorithms). They’re fun, functional, and very flexible. They have all sorts of generators there. This would spice up the Name Generator considerably, especially for science fiction and fantasy authors who use Scrivener (like me).

  3. Consider adding a third category to the name lists: Currently you have “Male Forenames” and “Female Forenames.” Consider adding, “Gender Neutral Forenames.” Also consider adding, “Location Names,” and “Object Names.”

  4. Consider adding “Prefixes,” to the Name Generator, such as “Mr,”, “Mrs,”, “Ms.”, and “Dr.” ( as well as “The,”, “A”, and “An” for Object Names and Location Names).

  5. Consider adding conjunctional phrases, such as “of,” “of the,” and phraseology generational capabilities to the Name Generator. I.e., make it capable of generating the names of locations, such as, “The Bog Of Eternal Stench,” or object names, such as “The Right Hand Of God.” Or perhaps proper names with titles, such as “Dr. Henry Jekyll.” Or “Mr. Edward Hyde.” Or more complex phraseologies, like, “The Castle of the Frankenstein Scientists.” Things like that.

  6. Just for fun, you could add an “Eccentricity” slider control to the Name Generator, which would control just how “weird” the names got. So a low setting on the “Eccentricity” slider would yield, “The House of Steve the Beige Accountant from New Jersey.” A high settings on the Eccentricity slider would yield, “The Fortress of Sven the Purple High-Elf of Stormengard.”

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