Name Generator Improvements


I have a few suggestions for improving the Name Generator. Firstly, I would allow the user to change the font that the name generator uses to create its lists. Currently, special characters in names can really cause it to freak out, giving results like “∆elred Ashton” if your source lists contain certain characters. Also, it would be great if there was a “sounds like” feature (i.e., attempting assonance instead of only just alliteration). Finally, I would maybe redesign the window, so that instead of all the useful options appearing in an OS X “drawer” widget attached to the window, all the options just appear in the main window with the names list whenever the Name Generator is invoked.


That’s a good point about updating the appearance to be in a fixed sidebar rather than a drawer - drawers are a bit out of fashion these days. I’ve aded that to the list.

The font used is Helvetica, so I’m surprised you having problems with it. Could you please give me an example of special characters that cause it problems, so that I can test for myself?

A “sounds like” feature would be nice but a bit of a big task (it would presumably need a hard-coded database and wouldn’t be able to handle custom lists without the user updating the database manually), so that one’s a bit out of scope, I’m afraid.

All the best,

Sure thing, Keith. Here’s a sample file: (5.1 KB)