Name Generator Lists

Just sharing a couple of lists I’ve made for the name generator.

Border Reiver Surnames / Clan Names as listed on
(if you don’t know who the Border Reivers were the site above has information on them :smiley: )
border-reiver-surnames.txt (1.35 KB)

And I converted a load of names from to an import file (there will probably be some overlap with what’s already in the generator but I think there are a few different ones) (62.8 KB)

North, Central and South American Indian Tribe Names (666 names currently)
Information taken from:

americas-indian-tribal-names.txt (22.2 KB)

Names are sorted into:
Caribbean Indians
Cent. America Indian
N Americain Indian
N Amr’cn Tribe Band (some names were listed as band names so I wanted to differentiate between the two)
N Amr’cn Tribe Orig (Original Tribal Names as listed here )
S. American Indians

I might sort this further I’ll post an expansion here if I do.

Please feel free to edit these files or point out any mistakes I’ve missed.
I use a handcoded php script (which I’m still working on) to sort through the information and turn it into something the Scrivener can read, which means I do miss the odd mistake.

Surnames related to India (2276 names)
Information taken from … ndex.shtml
india-surnames.txt (53.7 KB)

Surnames are sorted into:

Indian (Hindu)
India (Sikh)
Sri Lanka (Indian)

So how exactly can someone add these into Scrivener?

Go to Tools > Writing Tools > Name Generator on the very top menu.
The window for the Name Generator will open.
Click the third tab along called “Import”

Then simply import surnames (the tribal names are all done in the surname format) in the top form.
And First names into the bottom form.

If the file has a lot of names it sometimes takes a minute or two to import (or at least it does for me).

Thank you so much for putting these together!

You are very welcome.
I may share a few more as I create them. Once I’ve worked out all the kinks in my php script I might post it up somewhere too.

On the mac I tried select Edit:Writing Tools: Name Generator and the setting button and then the plus to add a name file but none of the .txt files are recognized as valid name files.

Is there something different about how Scrivener Windows does this vs Scrivener Mac?

Yes, they are different. Have a look at this thread:



Thanks, That explains it.

Great post…not only for the offered names but also to clue me in that Scrivener even has this feature! :smiley: I probably struggle far too much with names -this will help tremendously (or maybe it’ll end up being a time-sink for me…playing with names).

Thanks again!!

Here are a couple of lists folk might find useful.

EastEuropeFirstnames.txt (46.5 KB)

There are twice as many male names as female ones - this seems to be that case with most of the lists I have researched. I wonder why - are there fewer names? or are they not recorded?

EastEuropeLastnames.txt (61.5 KB)

For 10% or so there are notes on name meanings, origins, variants and diminutives. (Czechoslovakian and Yugoslav because the names were collected before these former countries were divided up).

I got most of these from this site, which contains names from many other parts of the world and also from different historical periods (though this site warns that they might not be historically accurate). It takes a little work to get them in a form that’s usable by Scrivener.