Name Generator lists

I have been compiling lists for the name generator. You can download my lists here:
The stack…
Female African Names
Male African Names
African Surnames
Female British
Male British
British Surnames
Cherokee Names (Male with meanings) eg: Chea Sequah (Red bird)
Cherokee Names (Female with meanings) eg: Tsula (Fox)
Cherokee surnames.csv
Female Greek Names
Male Greek Names
Greek Surnames
Male Russian Names
Female Russian Names
Russian Surnames
Male French Names
Female French Names
French Surnames
Female Irish Names
Male IrishNames
Irish Surnames
Unusual Female Names
Unusual Male Names
Unusual Surnames
Female italian Names
Male italian Names
Italian Surnames
Female Hispanic
Male Hispanic
Hispanic Surnames
Hindu Surnames
Japanese Surnames
US (C1910) Surnames

Hi, I appreciate the effort that went into these lists. I’d like to mention that some of the csv links on your web site are no longer accurate. For example, the link for “Female French Names.csv” leads nowhere. However, the file can be found if you edit the link to read “French Female Names.csv”. I suspect that at some point you normalized the names of the csv files so that all the files for the various languages would sort together, but then didn’t update the links in the table on your web page.

Once again, I truly appreciate your effort, and I hope this comment is helpful.

Greg Shenaut