Name Generator not adding Legacy Name lists

I am attempting to use the Name Generator in version 3 using the Legacy Ancient Greek names list.

I first tried it as I had with the prior version but it gave me this pop-up message: “No forename lists are selected for inclusion in name generation so no names can be generated. Use the table in the options to select some name lists to include.”

I found nothing in Options regarding the Name Generator. I searched the User Manual and it suggested adding the Legacy Lists. I did that and when I tried again, I got the same message.

Could someone provide some guidance, please?

Combine Surnames with Female or Male names or an error message wil appear…

Thanks for answering.
I’m not sure what you mean by ‘combine surnames’. Could you please elaborate?

If I want a Saudi male surname, I google “Saudi male surname” (for example) and I get them in order by frequency in the population, with meanings. Scrivener will never do a better job of it.

Either select a Female names or a Male names entry in combination with a Surnames entry in the Names Generator. You need this specific combination for Scrivener to generate complete names.

In the right bottom section is a list with name specifications (e.g. Catalan Names Female etc.) and check boxes. Underneath the existing entries the legacy names lists will be added. It just happens, there is no message or any noticable change. Just scroll down and you will see them.

You have to tick at least one a box for a forename and one for a surname in this very long list in order for the name generator to generate anything. Names from all origins only works, if you tick all boxes.

There is no check all or uncheck all. You must manually scroll down and check the boxes, remember to uncheck boxes if you do not longer search for this type of names. It helps a bit to extend the window, as you see more entries at once.

I admit this tool is not fun to use any longer. Currently I am looking for a better one outside of Scrivener while keeping Scrivener 1 with the much easier version on an old computer.