Name Generator not working... in German!

Hi there!

An old bug I reported still is alive and well in I just didn’t realize that, being a bug, it sort of has language disparity, sorry for that one .)

The name generator, second tab. First Name Meanings. If I use that in English, it works. If switching GUI to German, it doesn’t.

Try yourself. Fire up Scrivener in English, Tools, Writing Tools, Name Generator. Switch to First Name Meanings, select Gender “both”, Listfield-whithout-description (“Search Pattern”?) “Somewhere in name” and hit search. In English GUI, it finds all names, in German, it finds nothing. Same goes of course when putting up filters.

I love that feature, its unique. Please fix it, for pete’s sake!


Ooh! Good spot.

I’ve done some digging and found the cause. The name generator uses the translated strings in that dialogue as modifiers for the search. The trouble is once those have been translated into German (or Italian, or any of the other translations except “Science Fiction”) the modifiers don’t mean anything to the program any more.

Until L&L are able to post a fix, you can do one of three things:

  1. Don’t use that part of the name generator

  2. Switch to English when you want to use that part of the name generator
    Not ideal

  3. Switch out the translation file for the one I’ve knocked up below. The modifiers will be back in English for that window, but it’s better than losing the whole interface.

a) Go to where you have installed the Scrivener program on your hard drive. In my case, for example, this is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Scrivener\

b) Go into the Translations directory

c) Find the file:

d) Make a safe copy of this file somewhere on your system in case you need to restore it later.

e) Download the following replacement version of Scrivener_de.qm as a .zip archive and save it to your computer somewhere. (126 KB)

f) unzip the Scrivener_de.qm file and save that to the Translations directory where the previous version was (in step b).

g) Restart Scrivener

h) You should now find the modifiers in that name generator dialogue back in English, and the search working correctly.

For info, the translations are:
Beides = Both
Männlich = Male
Weiblich = Female
Alle = All
Exakte Übereinstimmung = Exact Match
In Bedeutung des Namens = In Name Meaning
Irgendwo im Namen = Anywhere In Name
Am Anfang des Namens = At The Start Of Name
Am Ende des Namens = At The End Of Name
Nur Geschlecht & Herkunft verwenden = Use Gender & Origin Only

Of course, that file only helps the German version. Sorry to all the other languages, but that should give L&L enough to go on to put a proper fix in place! :smiley:

THX pigfender,


The best,

Pigfender, great stuff!


Thanks for bringing this to our attention and sorry that it has been missed, Dagger. It has been fixed now and will be available with the next release. Thanks to pigfender too, for providing a great temporary solution.