Name Generator - on Linux??

It’s really not a big thing, but I was just wondering if the name generator worked at all on Linux, or is it just my install is bunked on it?

What are your symptoms? Is it crashing the program when you use the menu item; not doing anything at all; or is there interface coming up, but it doesn’t seem to have any data in it—no names come out of it and the definition list is empty.

This happens to me on every version since the name generator was added. I get a warning popup:

[code]Unable to Launch Name Tools

unable to open database file Error opening database

Can’t open names source at location: /usr/local/LiteratureAndLatte/bin/resources/toolbox/namestool/alias[/code]

After clicking OK, the generator window opens but has no functionality.

There’s actually nothing in /bin, minus the binary, and there doesn’t seem to be a /resources directory at all.


I get the same results.

Does anybody running Linux have a working name generator?

I’m running a 64-bit Linux - that could be the issue - same as the spell checker.

I’m in 64-bit 10.04. I did the tarball install and do not have any of those directories after ./LiteratureAndLatte. Did a sudo updatedb && locate namestool and didn’t get any results.

Which means it isn’t there.

So unless we are running different beta installs, I’m going to guess you all don’t have any of that stuff, either, meaning it’s not in the beta install. While I’m not sure how to access this name generator from inside Scrivener, I don’t know how it’s supposed to work if the program is coded to look in the wrong directory.

I’m going to see if this happens in the Windows beta under wine.

The ./resources directory does exist in the Windblows install. I’m missing a DLL so I can’t see if the tool functions right now. I’m also too scared to post the windows dir over into the linux install b/c I’m using the program for actual production ATM. Maybe as another user profile later.

Copying the resources directory from a windows install to the bin dir ( /usr/share/LiteratureAndLatte/bin if you are using my debs) does work with two caveats:

On at least one screensize/os combo (1200x768, debian w/out gnome), the drop down for race doesn’t scale right, so most of the languages get shortened to something like Am…an, which can cause issues.

Only the first pane works - the name meanings tab is still blank.

Also, its pretty slow on my netbook, but that could well be the fact its a netbook.

Looks like the interactive Tutorial is not included in the Linux tarball either.

No. instructions on getting it working are on the wiki. Basically its the same as the name generator iirc - copy into the bin dir.

Great. Thanks for the tip on looking in the Wiki. Got both working (as well as the Windows Beta using Wine, just for reference).