Name Generator on Tool Bar?

Is there a way to put the name generator on the toolbar?

I’ve found the toolbar customization, but the name generator doesn’t appear to be included, and that’s something I’m using a great deal.

It would be handy if I could have it out at the click of a mouse.

No, the Name Generator is only accessible via the menu right now. We are working on allowing custom keyboard shortcuts for all menu items, however, so once that is available you will be able to just assign a shortcut combo to pull this up quickly.

Okay, I guess I can wait!

Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something obvious.

You know: the house invisibility spell which hides whatever it is you are looking for UNTIL you ask for help finding it. At which point, it reveals the object you were looking for, and the person you asked for help says, “What do you mean, you can’t find X? It’s right HERE!

And you’re muttering maledictions while hearing mischievous giggles from that HIS.

My characters, when they turn up, always know their own names … they tell me what they’re called (if that makes sense).

My primary characters do, too! When however, I am writing something, and one of those characters is referring to someone who is both off-stage and who will not actually be appearing anywhere else, it’s handy to be able to quickly generate a list of names to choose from.

After all, spear carriers / Red Shirts need names too, sometimes.