Name Generator View Problem

Using the newly released version of Scriv, Windows 7

When I want to bring up the information on the Name Generator’s import tab (on how to format the file for import), it brings up the dialogue box as normal. However, it is locked into a tiny box that can’t be resized–and this cuts off the information I need to be able to read.

This happens with both the Last Names and First Names info.


Ack. Thanks for the catch. Should look like this:nameformats.png

So basically, format as name,origin
25 characters max for the name, 20 for origin.

Fabulous, thanks!

Can you let me know the info for the first names too?

(And to add, this didn’t happen with the last version).


Ha, so you can actually see the info properly if you mouse over the icon and don’t click. It’s still a bug obviously, but meanwhile that will provide you all the information. Format for first names is


so for example:


First name max 25 characters, origin max 20 characters, meaning max 400 characters with no double quotes included.