Name Generator

This is probably a stupid question, but when I use the name generator and I hit “copy shortlist to clipboard” what does that do? As far as I can tell the names don’t go anywhere, and I’m unable to copy and paste them into a document to save for later, so I just write them down on a piece of paper. I just wondered if the “copy shortlist to” is supposed to do something that I’m missing.

This is a two-step process. The shortlist is, as you would expect, a list of names you have selected from the chaff that is produced when you generate names. You need to select a name you like from this list and click the Add Selected to Shortlist button, below the generated list. This will place the name in the box below. Once you have a list of names you’d like to keep, you can click the Copy Shortlist to Clipboard button and close the interface.

Now you should be able to paste the list of names anywhere that takes a text type paste.

The shortlist is reset every time you close the window, so unless you change your mind about the list, always be sure to copy it out first.

I knew I was missing something. Thank you! :slight_smile: