Name Generator

This could be a useful tool, but are there any updates to the database that ships with Scrivener?

There seems to be large gaps e.g. You can select Italian female names but not Italian male names. Are there any 3rd party sites or utilities that could add names to the database or is it completely under the control of L&L.

You can add as many name lists as you want. I did as many as I could, but it’s time-consuming and I can’t really justify spending any more time on cleaning and importing more name lists. As I say, though, you have complete control over this. I got those name lists from census information available online (aside from the dictionary and literary surnames), and you can find many more name lists available online too. You have to copy and paste them into a spreadsheet and clean them up, then save as a CSV file which can be imported into the name generator. If you have the most popular names at the top, with the list descending in popularity, then you can use the obscurity slider with your name list too. This is covered in section 20.5 of the manual (the section on the name generator).

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That sounds fantastic. I must RTFM and save you answering all my silly posts :smiley:


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